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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you ensure my child's safety, and what can I do to prepare my child for the water if they can’t swim?


Our highly trained and experienced staff are lifeguard, CPR, EMT, and First Aid certified. We keep a 5:1 ratio of staff to children in the water and 8:1 ratio of staff to children on the beach at all times. In addition to camp staff, county lifeguards are always on the beach watching the movement of the water and directing for maximum safety.

Many kids who don't know how to swim attend Sand and Sea Camps, and have a great time! We teach kids the basics of navigating ocean waters, but a little preparation can be helpful. Some ways you can help prepare your child for the water include helping them practice holding their breath under water, keeping their head above water, and treading water. Some time in a pool learning these basic skills will help them feel more comfortable stepping into the ocean.

We hold beginner swimmers by the hand until they feel completely confident in the water, and our staff stay close to the kids at all times, helping them stay safe and feel comfortable. 

We also offer many fun “non-swimming” activities, so you're child will still have a great time at Sand and Sea camps, even if they prefer not to go in the water. 

How does my child avoid sunburns?


Parents are required to make sure their children are lathered with high-SPF sunscreen from head to toe before arriving at camp. We have tents that offer shade accessible at any time, and staff members that support sunscreen re-application before lunch and when campers come out of the water.

How do I know if my child is ready for camp?


All campers must be potty-trained and able to independently use the restroom to attend Sand & Sea Camps. No two children are the same, but a general rule of thumb is to ask yourself if your child is used to being away from his/her parents for the day and is he/she comfortable with kids of all ages. Another important question is whether you feel your child would be able to choose activities on their own. We have counselors who help campers make choices, but your child should be capable of independently choosing the activities they want to participate in and play well with others. 

How can I help prepare my child to have a great time on their first day at Sand & Sea Camp?


One of the best ways to ensure a joyful experience for your child is to coordinate camp schedules with a friend of your son/daughter. It is also helpful to prep them before going to camp give them an overview of our daily schedule. 


How do campers choose activities?

We offer a variety of age appropriate activities and our staff offers guidance, but children are able to move freely between activities and groups, so they can hang out with siblings and/or familiar friends, or try new experiences and make new friends! 

Does Sand and Sea Camp provide lunches and/or snacks?


You have the option to pack a lunch and snacks with your child, or order catered lunch when you drop off your child in the morning. If your child has a severe food allergy, it would be best to provide food from home. We do not regularly provide snacks for our campers, but we pass out small camp-wide treats, on occasion.

How does Sand and Sea Camp handle severe allergies?


If your child has a life threatening allergy, we ask that you discuss the specifics with the Camp Director on your child’s first day of camp. We ask that the information also be provided in writing, so the Camp Director can quickly reference the key points, if the need arises. Please include your child’s name, his/her date of birth, specific allergies, treatment plan if applicable, doctor’s name and phone number, and your contact information. On occasion, we may pass out treats to the campers, which we cannot guarantee will be suitable for your child. Please discuss this with your child and the on-site Camp Director so everyone is clear on your child’s particular needs.

How can I reach my child if there is an emergency?


If an emergency arises please contact our office (310-940-7166) and they will immediately contact the on-site camp director.

What are the main camp rules?

(1) Drink plenty of water (2) Never go to the bathroom alone (3) Reapply sunscreen regularly (4) Stay within the cone boundaries (5) Throw trash in the cans (6) Wear rash guards / uniforms.

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